VFO Purity & Quality

At Vann Family Orchards, purity and quality control (PQC) is the highest priority throughout the entire production process. Although maintaining our high standards means more procedures and additional work, we believe they are necessary to maintain the integrity of our product.

Pinnacle Club Certificate of DistinctionGlobal GAP CertificateGood quality almonds starts with a company-wide mindset, the collective effort of our VFO team and the support of well-established industry partnerships.

In coordination with experienced growers, we have the ability to pre-select the almonds before they arrive to our facility. This allows us to be proactive before processing begins.

We put experienced operators in place that understand the careful art and science of almond processing. Our operators are trusted to manage the delicate balance of the almond process. In addition to their specific skill set, a strong knowledge base pertaining to quality in all aspects of the process is required.

As the quality of California almonds evolved, so has our need for higher levels of technology. Through research and with the help of domestic and international industry professionals, we have implemented a variety of technological advances. Each technology is unique in design and specific in function.