Here at Vann Family Orchards we meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Operating a sustainable business is not a project with a defined end— it is a journey of continuous improvement characterized by transparency.

Our view of sustainability means we cannot seek economic gain at the sacrifice of environmental stewardship or community/social responsibility. Good, long-term business decisions take into account all three components. Below are highlights of best sustainable practices from farm to shipment:

  • Use of zero emission, fast-charge electric forklifts
  • High capacity dust collection systems on all production lines to minimize fugitive dust throughout the facility, resulting in an employee friendly, food safe environment
  • Use of micro-sprinklers in all of our orchards
  • 50 fusible-linked smoke hatches – skylights to make best use of natural interior lighting
  • Latest technology sorting equipment that minimizes electrical energy draw
  • Motion sensor activated lighting throughout facility
  • Best employee practices including generous safety, quality and operations training, highly competitive wage rates and promote- from -within philosophy   
  • Centrally located overall supply chain to minimize trucking distances from field-huller/sheller-processing facility
  • Reinforced, vinyl-faced roof insulation
  • Building is concrete tilt-up to maximize insulate properties
  • Third party professional firm used to optimize orchard insect control through use of best monitoring and containment practices